City to City helps local leaders start gospel movements in cities.
We focus on global cities, and there's no city more global than New York City.




Through the Apprentice Program, we come alongside pastors to help them develop young men and women in their congregations who show leadership potential. The program focuses on the themes of Gospel, Calling and City. Apprentices receive nine months of training from CTC and coaching from their pastor while completing a ministry assignment in their local church.

If you are a New York City pastor who values the importance of multiplying leaders for the advancement of the gospel in the city, this program will be of great interest to you. Fill out the form if you want to recommend someone for the program.



The Redeemer City Ministry Program came about as a strategic partnership between Reformed Theological Seminary and Redeemer City to City with the goal to provide theological education and practical ministry training in New York City. RCM will prepare ministry leaders in the city for the city.  RCM involves RTS providing a Master of Arts complemented by a subsequent year of practical training called the City Ministry Year provided by CTC. Learn more about RCM.



The Fellows Program is designed for those one to two years away from starting a church. It is a one-year course of study intended to give you a realistic expectation of what life and ministry are like in NYC. Fill out this form if you're interested in joining the Fellows Program. 



The Incubator is our key two-year program to serve, train, and develop church planters in New York City. Church planters go through the program during the critical phase of launching their congregations. They get practical help on writing their action plan, the philosophy of ministry, crucial ministry development, and preaching, among other topics.

Each learning module addresses the specific needs of urban planters, including skills in thinking theologically about ministry, and growth in the various areas of urban ministry. Ideally, this training is accompanied by coaching to encourage the planters to perform to the maximum extent of their giftedness. Fill out this form if you're interested in the Incubator. 



City Lab is a half-day training experience for New York City church leadership teams. Each bi-monthly event includes a plenary talk, a Q&A with Tim Keller, a panel discussion featuring pastors from NYC's five boroughs, and direct facilitation by City to City's senior staff.

City Lab brings together over 200 pastors, church planters and ministry leaders from many diverse NYC neighborhoods. Register through the City Lab website.