The Redeemer City Ministry Program (RCM) came about as a strategic partnership between Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) and Redeemer City to City (CTC) with the goal to provide theological education and practical ministry training in New York City. RCM will prepare ministry leaders in the city for the city.  RCM involves RTS providing a Master of Arts (Biblical Studies), complemented by a subsequent year of practical training called the City Ministry Year (CMY) provided by CTC.

Scholarships will be available for the MABS program beginning the fall 2016 semester for (1) the present (first year) cohort of students, and (2) those students accepted and enrolled into the new cohort of students for fall 2016.  The 2016-17 Scholarship Application is now live. The deadline for submitting a 2016-17 Scholarship Application is May 7, 2016.  


Tim Keller's RCM Convocation Homily