Blaine Boyds Pic.jpg

Blaine Boyd - Al Ain, UAE

I was raised in a Christian family in Oklahoma, but rejected Christ and walked away from the church as soon as I left home. More than a decade later, my eyes were opened to the person and work of Jesus and I believed the gospel while reading through the Book of Hebrews in Costa Rica. Following my conversion, I left my career as a trial attorney in Oklahoma City and pursued vocational ministry.

While studying at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, I joined the staff of South Shore Baptist Church outside of Boston. It was there at South Shore that God energized my heart for the church and church planting. Initially hoping to plant in Boston, on a trip to Dubai I came across the ministry of Redeemer Church of Dubai and the exciting work taking place on the Arabian Peninsula.

In September of 2015, I joined Redeemer Dubai as a church planting resident with the vision of planting a new church on the Arabian Peninsula. During my residency, I met Kelly, originally from Brazil, at Redeemer Dubai, the church that God used to save her to himself. She shared my love for the Arabian Peninsula, enthusiasm for gospel proclamation, and commitment for discipling men and women. Now we are both anticipating the joy of planting a gospel centered church in Al Ain. 


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samuel boateng - aburi, ghana

Samuel Boateng is married to Gifty. They are blessed with two daughters, Naana, Audrey and their son, Kwasi. He is passionate about making disciple-makers, expository preaching and equipping others to faithfully and skillfully handle God’s word for today. Samuel currently pastors the Akuapem Ridge Interdenominational Church at Aburi in Ghana.

Samuel trained in Expository Preaching at the Cornhill Training Course of the Proclamation Trust in London. On completing his studies, he returned to Ghana to play a pioneering role, under Rev. Yaw Boamah, in setting up of RELITE Africa a Christian organization which aims at equipping Christian University student leaders to be competent in handling God’s word. Samuel continued his training for ministry in Pastoral Ministries at George Whitefield College in Cape Town, South Africa. He subsequently returned to Ghana to serve as the Associate Pastor of Akuapem Ridge Interdenominational Church. His studies in Historical Theology (and Christian Leadership) took place at Wheaton College at the Billy Graham Center, Illinois.

Samuel’s passion is to see the word of God preached faithfully and prayerfully and applied to all of life. His dream is to see the growth of true citizens of the Kingdom of Christ whose identity is reflected in every area of their lives within society for God’s glory. He believes churches must strive to engage their societies in deliberate ways with the gospel of Christ. His dream is to see more of such gospel centered-churches raised. 

Eli Burnbaum.jpeg

Eli birnbaum - tel aviv,israel 

My name is Eli Birnbaum. I grew up in Israel in the beach town of Bat Yam. I have lived in Tel Aviv, in the neighborhood of Florentin for the last 8 years. 

I studied economics at Ramat Gan College and have been serving with the organization Jews for Jesus for the last 7 years leading the young adult, youth and children department in Tel Aviv.

 I am married to Shoshana, who is from Mexico City and an industrial designer. We have been working together since she moved to Israel. For the last 6 years we have been leading a discipleship program for young adults that focuses on engaging Israeli Backpackers with the gospel in India and South America. For three years we have been developing a multi purpose venue in our neighborhood with a variety of activities to engage and interact with our community like art galleries, music shows, second hand sales etc. 

 A year ago our son Shalev was born, keeping us on our toes from day one! 

 Apart from this huge team efforts we both have women, soldiers and young adult ministry going on.

 During the past few years I have felt the calling from God to start a church in Tel Aviv as I realized that there is a need for a place where seekers can further their spiritual exploration and at the same time facilitate a space for a Christian Community to thrive. 

Terry Chan Photo.jpg

Terry Chan - paris, france

My parents emigrated from Hong Kong to France so I was born and raised in Paris. They were Buddhists but converted to Christianity few years later after they arrived in France so I grew up going to church when I was a kid and gradually turn to Christ myself in my teenage years.

The call to become a pastor came at age 19 while I was serving with a church planter in Nantes, West coast of France. After that experience, I went to study communication and advertising. Then, I took another year off to serve in South Africa as a missionary with Operation Mobilization and worked to save some money.

In 2008, I moved to Chicago to study at Moody Bible Institute and graduated four years later with a Bachelor in Theology. Then, I moved to Boston area to earn my Master of Divinity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2015. It was during my time in the US that my call to plant a church in Paris became clearer.

The summer 2015, after seven years spent in America, I moved back to France to work in a Parisian church as a pastoral intern to be acquainted again with the French culture, still having in mind to plant a church.

Now that my internship is over, my pastor has been encouraging me to start this church planting project. And I am very excited to be back in NYC for the International Intensive training.

But I am even more excited to share the good news of Jesus with my French fellows, especially after all the terrorists attacks that happened the last two years on our soil, I pray that God will shine in the City of Light. 


Christian Concha Pic.jpg


I went to one of the best universities in Chile to study law, just to feed my pride and ego. I met the Lord in an Anglican´s youth retreat, invited by an aunt in 2004 during my third year of my studies. When I discovered what Jesus did for me on the cross my life change forever.
In 2007 I said a prayer that changed my professional life. I told the Lord: “please show me what do you want for me in the future”. God answered that prayer two weeks after. He called me to do religion classes in a secular school. Then I realized I wanted to teach others his words all my life and I teached for 5 years. I left the school to study at the Anglican seminary. Since 2013 I have worked as a pastor in the Providencia Anglican Church and I was ordained pastor last year. I am also the director of a foundation called “Acceso Directo” ( that serves the Latin Church, giving them free access to biblical resources. 
I've been married with Paula for 6 years. I met her at the church 10 years ago. We have two kids, Martina (4 years old) and Matias (2 years old). We work now in the “Providencia Church” and dream, pray and work for an early plantation in a neighborhood of our city called “La Dehesa”.
I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity to be part of this intensive and learn more about the Lord through His word and through the lives of each of you, and encourage our church in Chile to serve with greater passion the Lord and planting new churches.

r duff.jpg

Rob duff - dublin, ireland


I was lucky enough to be born in Dublin and raised in its suburbs by parents who knew and loved the Lord and cultivated that same heart in me. I've been married to Patrice for 12 years and have been blessed by God with one incredible daughter, Penny who is 4 years old and makes me laugh every day. 

 While at college studying engineering, I started attending a new church plant in Dublin City that would go on to become Liberty Church. I quickly got involved in everything I could and in 2004 I was invited onto the eldership team. I left my career as an engineer a couple of years later to work full time for Liberty Church in the role of assistant pastor where I remained for the next 7 years, completing a Masters Degree in Missional Leadership along the way. 

 In 2013, we planted our first daughter church in the Dublin suburb of Bray and my wife Patrice and I took on the adventure of pastoring this new church plant, taking what we'd learned in the city and applying it in a new community. It's been great! Since then we have planted a third church in an area of Dublin called Clondalkin and our hope is to continue to plant life-giving, gospel-centered churches throughout Dublin.

 I really feel God's timing in this opportunity to participate in the international intensive. The last few years of church planting have been crazy (in a good way!) and the chance to take some time to think through how to plant effective churches into the future as well as to learn from people who've already done so is a Godsend! 


adam dulinski - warsaw, poland

We have been married for 12 years and are gifted with two amazing kids – Veronica (10) and Nathaniel (5).

Both of us met Jesus quite early in our lives, but in different circumstances.

Through the last 15 years we have been serving in a Christian Fellowship North church fulfilling the calling that God gave us and put on our hearts. Adam served and worked as a youth leader while Klaudia used her gifting as a worship leader.

Along with the church growth Adam became responsible for developing Discipleship and Mission areas in the church. At the same time we also started ministry for couples and discovered our calling for leading Freedom Ministries in which we help people to get to know their identity in Christ.

The last year has been dedicated to preparations leading to plant a new church which has been the vision of our senior pastor and the whole leadership team. During the process it became clear that it is us who God is calling to be responsible for the project and we are super excited about that.

Amien Lincoln.JPG

Amien Lincoln - Pretoria, South Africa

I was born into a Muslim family, inherited from my maternal side. It was in my teens, because of my mom’s early passing, that I chose to stay with my father rather than with my mother’s surviving family. It was then, with the influence of my father who was a Christian, that I eventually came to forget (not forsook) my birth religion, Islam. And so, with the continual prayer and support of not only my father but the entire Christian community where I grew up, I came to know the Lord Jesus as Saviour at the age of 24. It was then that I came to understand more and more that with without forgiveness of sins that I still am at enmity with God and deserving of His wrath, but more importantly that there is no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood, and in particular the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. God then extended His grace even further in my life by choosing me to be a minister of His Gospel. And so I studied at the Baptist College of South Africa, Randburg, and earned a Bachelor of Theology in 1996. I have pastored 2 churches. I am married to Glynnis with 4 children. 

Shebu John.jpg


My name is Shebu and I am married to the Beautiful Bek, we have been married for 9 years. I am blessed with 3 kids, Elisha, Lucy and Micah. My wife Bek was born in Australia and grew up in a strong Christian family. Bek would say though it was not till her studies at University, where she was involved with CU (Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students) where her faith became more her own.

As for me I was born in the Middle East, but I am of Indian decent from Kerala India. I moved to Australia when I was 10. God in His grace had me grow up in a gospel centered family yet the Gospel was a message that I believed in my head but not in my heart. This lead to a season in my life where I turned my back on all the truths that I had grown up with. God's relentlessly pursued me and by His grace I gave my life to Him when I was 22 years Old.  After I had surrendered to Christ call in my life while at university, I was involved with a campus ministry called Student Life (Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) it was during my time with them as a student that I sensed a call into full time ministry. I joined the staff and served with them for 5 years.  It was just before I got married that I started to sense a desire to be part of God's work in reaching the city of Melbourne where my heart started to and still continues to grow a deep burden for Melbourne.  

As our time on staff drew close to an end, I approached the church I currently serve in to see if there was an opportunity to serve on staff while I began some theological studies. I was given a part-time role while I studied. It was during this time our church went through some internal changes and at that stage the senior pastor decided to move on. I too wanted to leave but God called myself and one other pastor to stay and begin the journey of re-planting. We have been in that journey for 7 years now and by God's grace we have seen the church grow in various ways. I have always had a deep burden and heart for Melbourne and us coming to the Intensive is to take the time to learn from, to serve as opportunity comes, to meet fellow brothers & Sisters in Christ, and hear from the Lord as where and what He might be leading us to. Looking forward to meeting you all.


Sebastian Lopez.jpg

sebastian lopez - santiago, chile

My name is Sebastian and I am a true “southern.” Original from Chilean Patagonia I´ve lived my last 6 years in Los Angeles California doing ministry, studying my Mdiv and growing our family with my love Viviana. God has called us to be church planters in Santiago de Chile, a very beautiful, diverse and dynamic city. (great place to visit)

Since we got married ten years ago we have vision ourselves as a pastoral family. We have two little children, Timy who is 3 years old and Lucy who is about to turn 1. We are leading a church plant project called “Ciudad Nueva” in the east area of Santiago; praying and working for being able to launch during 2017.

I love outdoor life and good coffee. My best friend and I have started a coffee roasting business here in Chile called Peregrino Coffee Roasters. The vision for the project is to foster coffee culture in our country, build community and also create means for missions and ministry. I feel very blessed and excited to be able to participate in 2016 intensive in New York.

Israel Martorell.jpg

israel martorell - madrid, spain

I was born in Terrassa (Barcelona) although I grew up in Toledo and Madrid. My parents are pastors and have always been an example for me. At 17, I had an encounter with the Gospel of Grace and from there I have not stopped serving Jesus, sometimes full time in some ministries, other times since my profession with the initiation of two companies of graphic design and an advertising agency.

I met my wife Sonia while working together at Bible Society. We were married 16 years ago and have always shared ministry working with youth for eight years in our local church and five years later Youth for Christ, also working with church planting missions and as teachers in our local church. I also trained in theological and pastoral studies "Projecto Éfeso". We had the experience of serving for three years in Palma de Mallorca in a large church and there felt the call of God and received vision for planting a gospel-centered in the city of Madrid church. We want to reach the heart of the city with the gospel because we know that can bring social health, cultural renewal and, above all, people to the feet of Jesus.

We returned to Madrid in September last year and since then we are working on planting a church in a central neighborhood of Madrid without evangelical presence, looking for our team and creating a network of relationships. We have two wonderful twin sons, Moses and Gabriel, 5 years old.

Sasko Photo.png

Saszko - krakow, poland

Saszko was born in Western Ukraine, a former Polish territory that became part of Ukraine during World War Two. 

Saszko came to faith at the age of 12 in a big Baptist church in the city of Lviv where he attended an English course ran by American missionaries and met local believers who explained the gospel to him. 

After high school, Saszko went to Bible college where he studied theology for four years. During this time, Saszko was involved in helping two different church plants. One was a Baptist church that became his sending church on a mission to Poland, and the other was a Presbyterian church plant. 

After Bible college, Saszko became a missionary to Poland serving with European Christian Mission before moving to the small mountain town of Rabka in Southern Poland where he worked with youth and established a Christian English school. 

Saszko then moved to Krakow where he is currently leading a small church-planting team in the city. The hope is to start a church that will be more culturally relevant, reverent and liturgical in its worship. Saszko and his team members have embraced this vision and together hosted their first public service in October 2015. 


leonidas Roumpas - athens, greece

I am from Corfu an island of Greece, and I have been married for one and half year to Sarah, who is from Chicago.

I grew up in a typical Christian orthodox family but during my teenage years I became an atheist. When I was 21 I met a couple who talked to me about Christ. After attending their church and seeing their life, and during a time when bad things were happening in my life, the Lord won me. I surrendered fully to Him. From the beginning of my new life with Christ I had a burning desire to preach the gospel to the whole world. Then when I was 25 I attended the Greek Bible College and I was introduced to a whole new world. Studying theology and church history, my eyes were opened to the acts of God through history through so many different individuals, churches and organizations. During my studies I had the opportunity to be involved in preaching ministry and also pastoral ministry with my younger fellow students. Upon the completion of my studies I served as an itinerant preacher for the Greek Presbyterian church of which I am a member. After a year I had the great opportunity to serve in a new church plant, in Agia Paraskevi a neighborhood of Athens, as a pastoral intern. Now a new season begins in which I’ll assume the role of the lead church planter.

I am so happy that God is giving the opportunity at this crucial time for the new church plant and all of the participants, to participate to the Redeemer International intensive training.

Jaimeson Stockhaus Photo.jpg


I am a son of the California Bay Area. My story reaches back to my grandparents who were part of the early stages of a developing Bay Area. As a boy I watched my town Cupertino go from cherry orchards to Apple, Inc. Though I grew up in a great church, it was in high school, on a mission trip to Mexico, where the gospel penetrated my heart. After graduating from San Jose State University, in the heart of downtown San Jose, I sensed a call to ministry and left the Bay Area to attend Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

I have spent the last ten years re-booting and serving RUF at the University of California in Santa Barbara. It has been a gritty work in a intellectually pluralistic/secularized generation. The university has proved to be the place God formed in me a love for the irreligious and skeptic. RUF on the university was the perfect laboratory for me to test ministry approaches towards gospel ministry.

In this same spirit gospel flexibility, I have taken a call to be a church planter in the most urban area of San Jose. God has led me back home. In the years I’ve been gone, my hometown has changed tremendously. The Silicon Valley is wildly unchurched and draws people from around the globe to its utopian hopes and promise of limitlessness. I have changed a lot, too. I am going home with a more expansive expectation of God. We long to see both the broken and beautiful corners of San Jose feel the re-creative work of the gospel. Christi and I live in San Jose with our 5 year old son, 4 year old son, and newborn twins (a boy and a girl).

Judahnewborn-12 copy.jpg


I've been going to church for as long as I can remember - I'm thankful to have been raised in a Christian household where I knew and loved the Bible from a young age. Because of this, I find it hard to pinpoint an exact conversion experience - although I can recall moments when God's presence and voice was made manifest to me in particularly potent ways. Going through high school, I was surrounded by highly intelligent and academically-driven peers, and this strongly influenced my ambitions for the future - I wanted to study and practice law, with vocational ministry being the last thing on my mind. But God soon intersected my plans, and even though I did end up spending 5 years in university studying commerce and law, God was shaping and moulding my plans, giving me an insatiable desire to be equipped for full-time pastoral ministry. In particular, through a series of events God gave me a real heart for the city of Sydney, the city in which I have been born and raised. I longed to see the ancient, timeless message of the gospel being retold in ways that make sense to our post-Christian society, and for the church in Sydney - which has historically been deeply divided along denominational and doctrinal lines - to be one, just as Jesus prayed.


Not long after graduating from university, I married the girl of my dreams Jessica whilst working in a professional services firm in the area of corporate taxation. God had me here for about 2 years, after which an opportunity opened up for me to minister full-time as a youth/young adults pastor at a growing multicultural church in suburban Sydney. I have now been in this role for the past 3 years during which time Jessica and I have witnessed God doing a tremendous work through His Spirit, renewing and revitalising a more traditional congregation. And earlier this year, we welcomed into our family Judah Eli Tam, our firstborn son! As we now step into our next adventure of planting a church in Sydney, we dream of seeing God birth a body of believers who love the Word of God and the Spirit of God, engaged in the mission of God as the family of God.


kenny and marta.jpg

kenny clewett - madrid, Spain

I grew up in the Clot neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain, after having moved there at the age of 7 as part of a missionary family. At 18 I moved to Madrid, Spain, where I studied Humanities (Alcalá de Henares and Durham, UK), met Marta, who is now my wife, and developed a career in supporting social entrepreneurs with Ashoka, and started “Jóvenes Changemakers,” an organization to inspire, network and support young changemakers in Spain and around Europe. This work was a fundamental training block that God used for me to develop a love of the city and a desire to strategically contribute towards its flourishing, especially for the poor and marginalized. It was also a time where I began to see a need for the hope of God’s gospel, which had slowly transformed me, to be heard by many more in the city.

My worst nightmare was to become a pastor, yet in 2011 my wife and I moved to Chicago where I obtained a Masters of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, having felt a desire and a call to return to Spain and contribute to building and multiplying the local church. During that time, and the two years afterwards that we spent in Kansas City, where I worked as an assistant pastor at Christ Community, God brought us both together to understand a much wider and deeper reality of his gospel and how it reaches every single inch of our existence, bringing hope to all, and especially to those who have been ignored and pushed aside by society.

This July we returned to Madrid, our home, where we plan to be indefinitely and our church, Amistad Cristiana. Our desire is to live out the radical hospitality that the gospel requires of us and to contribute towards the strengthening and multiplication of local churches that preach the gospel and receive, minister to and affirm all kinds of people. My hope is that, in parallel to new church plants, many of the historical Spanish churches find their passion to multiple re-kindled in order to see local leadership (Spanish and those who have come to live here permanently) leadership taking ownership of what feels like a new movement of church planting.

Nick Duke.jpg

Nick Duke - Christchurch, New Zealand

I’m Nick – married to Kristie, coming up on 20 years.  We’ve got 5 kids aged from 6 to 15 years old.  We’ve ended up in Christchurch, New Zealand – the land of the All Blacks and The Lord of the Rings.  We’ve been here for over a decade largely working in a church plant called Cornerstone Church.

I was raised in a Christian home and benefited lots from lunchtime and camping ministry whilst in high school.  It was studying Psychology at university that I met the lovely Kristie.  We both were hugely impacted by the work of IFES at university and ended up being persuaded that coming to New Zealand to support university ministry here was a great way to invest our lives.

Before New Zealand, I spent a number of years running a small software development firm in Sydney and also studying theology.  Five years into our time here, Christchurch suffered a number of earthquakes that took 185 lives, destroyed much of the city and shaped our experience here significantly.

We’re 8 years into a university campus church plant and 3 years into a community church plant here in Christchurch.  I’m now the Senior Pastor of those congregations and also one of three directors of Multiply, a recently started church planting network in New Zealand.


benjamin morrison bio pic.jpg

Benjamin Morrison -  Svitlovodsk, ukraine

I was running from God when He found me. I grew up in a quasi-Christian home where I was read Bible stories but also suffered various kinds of abuse. At around 11 years old, during one of my family’s rare visits to a church, I heard a false gospel and since its promises fell flat, I decided that the God of the Bible didn't want me—so I didn't want Him. I delved into all kinds of wickedness and at age 15, sitting in a jail cell facing 20 to 50 years for drug dealing charges, the God I had told to leave me alone faithfully arrested my heart. I was made new.

While in jail, I was soon convinced that I wanted to dedicate my life to making the life-giving Word of God know to those desperate to hear it. Nothing short of a miracle led to me being released from any serious jail time and two and a half years later, I began Bible college in Indianapolis. During the two years of completing my associate's degree in theology, God placed a burden on my heart for global missions. During a trip to Ukraine in 2001, I instantly fell in love with the people of Ukraine and their thirst for the Gospel. After finishing Bible college in 2002, I moved to Ukraine and have not looked back since.

I served as youth pastor in a new church plant in the city of Dnipropetrovsk from 2002-2005. During that time I married my wife, Lena, who is Ukrainian. God began to stir a desire in our hearts to plant a new work and, after visiting a number of cities, we felt led to my wife's hometown of Svitlovodsk. After visiting the existing local congregations there, we were convinced that the city lacked a solidly Gospel-centered, grace-preaching church and were determined to plant one. While in Svitlovodsk, our two children, Abigail and Isaac (10 and 7, respectively) were born.

We moved to Svitlovodsk in May of 2005 and began a Bible study in our apartment a month later. Now, 11 years on, God has raised up a church thoroughly centered on the Gospel. We’ve now sent out one family to be part of a re-plant in another city in Ukraine and have a desire to continue planting churches across Ukraine. In addition to serving as lead pastor of Calvary Chapel of Svitlovodsk, I am currently serving as one of the leaders for the Calvary Chapel movement in Ukraine. I also frequently have opportunity to travel to other cities and churches in Ukraine to lecture on Christocentric preaching. I've recently been given the privilege of being one of the coordinators for the first CTC Ukraine conference (planned for Oct. 2016). Additionally, I'm currently finishing up my bachelor's in theology through Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe and set to graduate in the spring 2017 semester.


Collins ouma - Nairobi, kenya

I have been serving as a Pastor with the Nairobi Chapel Church for the past six years in the Church Planting ministry that is under our Missions Department. I have had the privilege to serve primarily in the area of recruiting, training, deploying and providing oversight to church plants. Especially churches that we are planting within our country’s urban centres.

We’re passionate about evangelizing our Towns and our country at large. But responsible evangelism leads to discipleship, and discipleship leads to converts gathering . . . the end result of which is a new church. Our vision therefore is to ‘plant churches that plant churches’. The Kingdom of God grows faster through church planting than it does through single site growth.

In our African situation church planting is also strategic because it is a self-sustainable, contextually relevant model for our resource-stressed context. New churches grow rapidly, reach out to new people, self-support, develop leadership and self-perpetuate over time. It is from this background that we initiated a school for Church Planting since 2012, where I have been providing leadership towards the task of preparing those that we are launching into our various communities. 

Chris Strajnic.JPG

Chris strajnic - stockholm, sweden

My parents emigrated to Sweden after persecution in (Serbia) Yugoslavia in the 60ies.  I was born in South Sweden and raised there. I had the the privilege to a grow up in a pioneering work that was in the first immigrant church in Sweden. The Christian impact my parents made on to me as Christians is still playing a very important role in my life. In my early teens, I decided that I wanted to be a missionary and go to the country that persecuted my parents. At that time my father passed away which just made my determination for mission stronger. In 1993 I met my wife, Lotta, we got married and as she was also burning for mission we decided to prepare us for a mission period. We studied theology in the US, North Central University (through a Swedish exchange programme) and both of us finished our studies (BA in Contextualisation of the Gospel) in Serbia. Shortly after we arrived to the mission field in Serbia we started a training trainer programme (Project Timothy) with another missionary couple from UK. Project Timothy was all about training in personal evangelism, discipleship, expository preaching and church planting. After training leaders for 13 years in Serbia we decided it was time to return to Sweden. Here we are now, leading a church plant “Emmaus church” in Stockholm with a vision to plant more churches in Sweden. Besides our work with Emmaus Church, our plan is to provide a training programme in evangelism and discipleship and to run a training seminar in expository preaching that we hope will empower the Swedish Church to stand up for Christ and live out the gospel in the 21st century.

Juan Miguel Torres.jpg

juan miguel torres - MADRID,spain

Juan Miguel Torres is the founding pastor of Capítulo 29 Church.    Since 1994 Juan Miguel and his wife Rachel have been involved in different ministries and cities across the US and Spain, all revolving around church planting, and pastoring.  Juan Miguel is passionate about communicating Bible truths in a simple, attractive, and easily understandable way.  “That which brings true personal change is the application of biblical truth, not just hearing it. Therefore, we must strive to make that truth understandable, and applicable in the everyday lives of our audience.”

Juan Miguel holds a B.S. from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas, and an MDiv. with Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in  Fort Worth, Texas.

 Juan Miguel and Rachel have two daughters, Kirsten and Sabrina.


Pieter wessels - pretoria, South africa

Pieter serves as a staff member of Ligpunt church in Pretoria, South Africa. He was raised in the church, but only became a believer in 2005 while a freshman, through the ministry of Campus Outreach, as some of their leaders read the Bible with him. He was part of their ministry and served in a leadership capacity up to 2009 when he completed his Honors in Finance at the University of Pretoria. 

In 2008 he started working as a finance intern at a local auditing firm. During his final year of internship (2010), he joined Ligpunt as the church planted in the suburbs of Pretoria in April of 2010. As he joined Ligpunt, his desire for more full time ministry was encouraged by his elders who were passionate about church planting. By the end of 2010, he accepted an offer for a full time, two year apprenticeship, with Ligpunt and the newly established Transmission Ministry Training Program. 

In 2013, after finishing his apprenticeship, he continued as a Ligpunt staff member and started his M. Min with The Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development. As a staff member of Ligpunt, he is responsible for the training and development in the community of Ligpunt. He is passionate about facilitating groups of key learners around the truths and implications of the Gospel as it grows and develops believers. 

When he is not working he spends time on their family farm where he grew up. He likes to mountain bike, trail run and hunting in all its various forms.