Your gift goes straight to a new church.

Your gift provides startup capital in the form of a grant to the new church of your choice. Here's what happens to your gift.


Step 1: The Gift

100% of any gift given to a project goes directly to the church of your choice.


Step 2: New Church

We equip that local leader to start a gospel-minded church that works to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the city.


Step 3: Give it Forward

Once started, this church gives money to start other new churches in its city or region.


Step 4: A Self-Sustaining Cycle

This is the power of your gift when combined with other grants from individuals and churches in the City to City Partnership. We project that 20 churches receiving initial grants will in turn resource 40 more churches within a decade. City to City is currently raising $1m to fund the first full life cycle of this fund.