Redeemer City to City and Reformed Theological Seminary have partnered together to offer theological education and practical ministry training in NYC.

The Redeemer City Ministry program is designed to prepare ministry leaders for service in NYC and other global cities through two important components:

  • A two year Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) degree through Reformed Theological Seminary (66 credits)
  • The City Ministry Year: a year of practical ministry training through Redeemer City to City.

Tim Keller's RCM Convocation Homily

Upcoming Events for the Redeemer City Ministry Program (1) The 2017-18 Academic Year for RTS New York City and the City Ministry Year takes place at 4:30 pm September 7, 2017, at the Redeemer offices, with the third annual Convocation service, with message by Dr. Tim Keller. (2) The First Commencement for RTS New York City takes place at 7:00 pm, September 8, 2017, 7:00 pm at the Redeemer Westside location, with speakers Dr. Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO of RTS and Dr. Tim Keller, Chairman of the Board and Co-founder of CTC.  To attend as a guest (seating is limited) please request attendance here.


What is the redeemer city ministry program?

The Redeemer City Ministry Program (RCM) is a strategic partnership between Redeemer City to City (CTC) and Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) to provide theological education and practical ministry training in New York City. The RCM program seeks to prepare ministry leaders “in the city for the city.” RCM will involve RTS providing a two-year Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) complemented by a subsequent year of practical training called the City Ministry Year (CMY) provided by CTC.

What is the goal of the RCM program?

The goal of the program is prepare leaders called to serve the church and other ministries in NYC or other major cities of the world. These leaders include aspiring church planters, pastors, ministry leaders and marketplace leaders. We believe if someone is preparing to minister in an urban environment, it is best that they get their foundational theological education within that environment, so they can process what they are learning in the midst of life and ministry in the city. 

How will the Master of Arts - Biblical Studies (MABS) degree be delivered in NYC?

Courses will be delivered using various methods with the goal of a cohort classroom experience with every course.  Course delivery for the MABS will include (1) courses with all lectures live in NYC, (2) courses with all lectures streamed live into the NYC classroom, (3) online courses using the Canvas LMS, and (4) courses which combine online and live delivery methods. At this time, up to 49% of the courses can be delivered in NYC. 

Where can i learn more about the mABS that will be presented in the redeemer city ministry program?

Visit our curriculum page for more information on the MABS curriculum in the RCM program.

Will I need to live in NYC? 

Yes, students will need to live in NYC or the region to participate in the learning community of the program and have the benefit of learning from the city.

Where will i live if moving to NYC?

Since we will not be offering student housing, students coming to NYC will need to secure their own housing arrangements. Housing can be expensive and those accepted into the program can utilize various NYC websites to help your housing search.

Will the RCM program provide acceptable preparation for ordination? 

The RCM program is designed so that graduates can pursue ordination. Candidates for the ministry are encouraged to talk to their denominational representatives about how this program meets the academic and training requirements for ordination. 

The RTS MABS offers all the Biblical, theological, and historical studies of the MDiv.  All the practical theology that is ordinarily delivered within the MDiv for academic credit will instead be taught in the CMY by practitioners who are ministering in the city. Therefore, all the subjects, bases and topics of the MDiv are covered.  Some presbyteries and denominations have standards for training that ordain candidates with a MA, as long as all the topics and subjects have been taught and the practical areas of ministry are learned and experienced.  The RCM program in NYC seeks to meet those standards. 

Who will be the professors of the MABS courses?

For the MABS degree, professors will come from the RTS system of full-time faculty, adjunct professors, and guest lecturers. Some of the professors will come from the NYC region and may include staff of Redeemer City to City.

Can i transfer credits into the mabs?

Yes, however conditions apply. See RTS Catalog, page 49: Transfer Credits.


Need-based scholarships are available for the MABS program for students accepted and enrolled into an upcoming cohort. More information regarding how to apply and who qualifies, is available each spring during enrollment season. Additional things to keep in mind regarding financial aid: 

  • RTS does not participate in the Federal student loan program.
  • We desire that students avoid building school loan debt.
  • The tuition rate for the 2017-18 AY is $515 per credit hour, making the cost of tuition: (1) for 33 credit hours per year (2 year program), approximately $16,9935; (2) for 22 credits per year (3 year program), approximately $11,330; (3) for 16 credits per year (4 year program), approximately $8,240; plus fees when applicable.

 *If you are interested in making tax deductible contributions to help with student scholarships for the RCM program, please go to our donation page.

Is the RCM program open to international students?

Yes. The RTS application includes additional requirements that International students need to satisfy when making application.  International students should speak with the RTS NYC Admissions office and/or the Director of the City Ministry Year to discuss requirements for the programs. At this time, RTS New York and CTC are not approved with SEVIS to grant student visas.

Are internships available with churches in the city? how can i learn about getting an internship?

We encourage students to have internships at local churches throughout the city and will work with interested students to provide information about available internships/


While our preference is for students to be involved full-time (two or three year schedule) and go through the program in two or three academic years, we recognize full-time is not be feasible for all students. So, we will also accept students that will participate on a part-time basis, with a plan to complete the MABS in four years. 

Is the MABS degree accredited? What institution grants the degree?

The MABS in the RCM program will be granted by RTS, delivered by RTS Global Education. The RTS MABS is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools- the Commission on Accrediting (ATS) and by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools- Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC).  RTS also has permission from ATS, SACS-COC, and the New York State Board of Regents to operate at two approved sites (see FAQ 17) in NYC and to deliver up to 49% of the MABS on-site in NYC.

Where are the classes held?

Classes for the RCM program will be held in two locations, (1) in midtown Manhattan at 1166 Avenue of Americas, 16th Floor (on 6th Avenue between W 45th and W 46th) - the office location for Redeemer Presbyterian Church and Redeemer City to City - and (2) at 150 W. 83rd St (between Columbus and Amsterdam), the location for Redeemer’s West Side congregation.

How many students are accepted each fall into an RTS/mabs class?

We will seek to enroll approximately 25 students in each class.

WHAT IS THE CITY MINISTRY YEAR (CMY) and when will it begin?

The CMY is a one-year full time (2 years if taken part time) training program consisting of cohort based classroom study and tutored ministry review (case studies, preaching, etc.) that equips students for gospel ministry especially in cities. The CMY covers what is called “practical theology” and corresponds roughly to the year of practical theology courses offered in many US MDiv programs. Courses are arranged under four practical areas of ministry: preaching, pastoring, leading & cultural engagement. The CMY will begin September 2017.


Yes, openings are available for those seeking more practical ministry training each year in the CMY for qualified students that already have their MA, undergraduate degree or MDiv.


CMY is delivered over two semesters and an intensive in late August, January and May. Each semester is 12 weeks, roughly from early September to mid-December, and from early February to early-May.


Sessions are two weekdays from 9am to 5pm, plus additional hours of reading and ministry projects each week. One day a week if part-time and two days a week if full-time. 


The CMY program is a non-accredited degree program. However, students completing the CMY will receive a certificate of program completion from CTC.


The cost of the one year CMY program is approximately $9,800 plus cost of reading materials for full time students and half that cost for students taking the program per year if taking part time over 2 years.


Faculty will be ministry practitioners from NYC and other cities. Faculty will include staff from Redeemer church, staff of Redeemer City to City and other ministry leaders.

What is Tim Keller’s involvement in the RCM program?

Tim Keller will teach sessions in the City Ministry Year (CMY), especially in the preaching courses. In the MABS, he is presently the professor of record in one course, Living the Christian Life in Secular Culture, and team-teaches in another, Introduction to Pastoral & Theological Studies, with Dr. Ligon Duncan.

What is the application process? 

The application process involves completing (1) the RTS Application and (2) an addendum of 5 questions for the RCM program. An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution is also necessary to apply. RTS recognizes all schools accredited by "regional" accreditors (e.g. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

Applications are now being received for the Fourth Cohort that will begin studies in summer 2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year. See the RTS NYC website for application deadlines.

Contact information for RTS New York City Admissions Office:
RTS New York City Admissions  
Attn: Brittain Brewer, Director of Admissions
2101 Carmel Road
Charlotte, NC 28226

Phone: 800-227-2013 or 704-366-4853

The application process for the CMY will begin in Summer 2017. Applications will be available at the Redeemer City to City website.


To audit a class, please fill out this form and send it to Sarah Grover at You will be contacted soon after to start the process.

Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) Core Curriculum


Church History - 6 Hours

History of Christianity I - 3 Hours

History of Christianity II - 3 Hours

Old Testament - 10 Hours

Genesis - Joshua - 3 Hours

Judges - Esther - 2 Hours

Poets - 2 Hours

Isaiah - Malachi - 3 Hours

New Testament - 11 Hours

Gospels - 3 Hours

Acts - Romans - 2 Hours

Pauline Epistles - 3 Hours

Hebrews - Revelation - 3 Hours

Systematic Theology 1 - 3 Hours

Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies - 3 Hours

Systematic Theology I - 3 Hours

Systematic Theology II - 2 Hours

Systematic Theology III - 3 Hours

Apologetics - 2 Hours

Language Sequence - 8 Hours

Greek I / Hebrew I - 3 Hours

Greek II / Hebrew II - 3 Hours

Greek Exegesis / Hebrew Exegesis - 2 Hours

Old and New Testaments - 3 Hours

Advanced Biblical Exegesis - 3 Hours

Christian Education - 1 Hours

Orientation Seminar - 1 Hours

"Free" Electives* - 14 Hours

Total Credits - 66 Hours

*The following courses are expected for the Redeemer City Ministry Program: 

Greek I / Hebrew I
Greek II / Hebrew II
Greek Exegesis / Hebrew Exegesis

And two of the following courses: 

Contemporary Issues in Theology - 3 Hours
Pastoral and Social Ethics - 3 Hours
History of Philosophy & Christian Thought - 3 Hours