CTC Learning is an online learning platform where you can take taker a deeper dive into Center Church, Ministry Design, and Gospel Renewal. 

The CTC Partnership is an in-person learning experience for church leadership and a missions partnership with a church plant in a global city.


Get on the same page

To reach a city, there needs to be as many churches as possible working together to plant churches and build up a gospel ecosystem. 

Connect with any churches near you listed below. We relate directly to these churches because we've either helped them get off the ground, start their own church, or they're involved in the CTC Partnership.

No churches in your region? Consider joining the CTC Partnership or host a CTC Learning cohort in your city. 




As you meet and pray with other churches in your city, a vision for the city will start to take shape. Your vision is informed and driven by a robust theological vision that is shaped by the gospel and the needs of your community.

As you seek to plant more churches, you'll need a steady pipeline of leaders as well as serving them through training, coaching, resources and sometimes grants.




Monthly or bi-monthly learning and prayer experiences for ministry leaders across the city will help fill the pipeline of new leaders needed and renew existing churches. 


A gospel ecosystem needs specialized ministries to serve the city. What are the needs of your city and how can your church or other ministries and businesses meet those needs and encourage flourishing? How can you help create or strengthen those ministries in the ecosystem?

A mature gospel ecosystem has many kinds of churches that are being renewed by the gospel. Formal and informal networks and relationships form and grow. Established faith-work, justice, and mercy ministries are woven into churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations.