Sarah Grover

Sarah (1)-Edit.jpg

Manager, Seminary and Salesforce Administrator
Manhattan, NY

Sarah wears two hats at CTC. One hat is Salesforce Administrator, where she is in charge of administrating and supporting all departments when using Salesforce. WIth the other hat, she is in charge of the day-to-day logistics and resources of the burgeoning seminary If you need to know something related to what we’re doing at CTC, or check out a book from our ever expanding library, talk to Sarah.

Sarah recently graduated from Pratt Institute with a Masters in Library and Information Sciences. Originally from Virginia, Sarah has lived in New York City for over a decade, and can now look at a random street corner and tell you what used to be there before a bank moved in. In her free time, Sarah enjoys running, listening to podcasts, competing in Simpsons Trivia, spending time with friends and enemies alike, and reading an exorbitant number of books with her book club.

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