International Intensive

The International Intensive is a four week program held in New York City to train church planters from global cities. 

The program is designed to prepare urban church planters by exposing them to urban church planting concepts, theological resources to grow churches, leadership modules, and other church planting principles.

Participants in the Intensive are selected through an extensive recruiting and screening process.


The Incubator is our key two-year program to serve, train, and develop church planters in New York City. The Incubator is also delivered to church planters in target cities through local trainers.

Each learning module addresses the specific needs of urban planters, including skills in thinking theologically about ministry, and growth in the various areas of urban ministry. Church planters go through the program during the critical phase of launching their congregations. They get practical help on writing their action plan, the philosophy of ministry, crucial ministry development, and preaching, among other topics. Ideally, this training is accompanied by coaching to encourage the planters to perform to the maximum extent of their giftedness. 

Train the Trainer

This program orients trainers to City to City's urban church planter Incubator curriculum, a two-year course that can be adapted for their city.

We believe that by employing a training curriculum that increasingly reflects the practitioners’ own culture, leaders will develop a locally delivered training program that more effectively serves church planters.

Gospel in the City

Gospel in the City is a two-day learning experience that exposes urban leaders to a vision about the centrality of the gospel—a theological and practical understanding of how the gospel shapes all of life, from the heart, to a church and to a city. It is delivered through plenary sessions and group learning experiences and usually hosted by local partners.

Fellows Program

The Fellows Program is designed for individuals one to two years away from planting a church in New York City. It is a one-year course of study intended to give participants a realistic expectation of life and ministry in the city context.

City Lab

City Lab is a half-day training experience for New York City church leadership teams. Each bimonthly event includes a plenary talk, a Q&A with Tim Keller, a panel discussion featuring pastors from NYC's five boroughs, and direct facilitation by City to City's senior staff.

City Lab brings together over 200 pastors, church planters and ministry leaders from many diverse NYC neighborhoods. Register through the City Lab website.


Through the Apprentice Program, we come alongside pastors to help them develop young men and women within their congregations who show leadership potential. Onsite learning sessions are delivered every other month on Saturday mornings. Some of the topics addressed include gospel theology & renewal, identifying calling, and cultural engagement. Other program elements include church site visits, a ministry assignment within the home church, and pastoral coaching sessions. Participants can expect to devote six hours per month to the nine-month program, allowing them to pursue their school or work commitments. 

If you are a New York City pastor who values the importance of multiplying leaders for the advancement of the gospel in the city, this program will be of great interest to you. 



A certificate program to equip NYC leaders for urban ministry effectiveness taught by Tim Keller and other urban ministry practitioners. 

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