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St. Peter's Fireside is a new church in Vancouver that aims to join God in the spiritual, social and cultural renewal of Vancouver, through communities transformed by the gospel, all to the glory of God. They want to be a place where broken people are transformed by the gospel of grace in every part of their lives. Some are checking out Christianity for the first time, while others have been in church their whole lives. St. Peter’s Fireside is a place where you can wrestle with the questions you have about Jesus and where you can find out if Jesus really is who he said he was.

More about St. Peter's Fireside

  • Alastair’s first phase in planting St. Peter's was to model Bible studies after house churches with micro-communities.  

  • The church is already raising up two future church planters for the Pacific Northwest. 

  • The church partners with "More than a Roof," a low-income housing project, by cooking dinners and building friendships with the residents. 

  • Vancouver has 2.3 million people with 150,000 living downtown, but the same density as downtown Manhattan and fewer than 10 Bible-believing churches.

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Atheism Helps My Faith

One evening, my friend said “You Christians think that God wrote the Bible, right?” to which I said “That’s a rather blunt way of stating it, but sure.” He went on “Here’s what I don’t understand. I ask Christians all the time if they read their Bible and they often say ‘No.’ Seriously? If I believed I had a book written by God I would read the s**t out of that book!