City to City is leading on a new frontier.

And so are the church planters and ministry and marketplace trailblazers we invest in. Including you.
We help leaders pioneer how to live out the gospel on the new frontier.
The new frontier? Our 21st century urbanized world.


New Churches

Our primary goal is to help start new churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of their cities. This involves working directly with local leaders to start new churches, as well as with networks, denominations, and other agencies involved in church planting and leadership development in each city.

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Gospel Leaders

Our main role is to train and coach entrepreneurial pastors in the unique skills and mindsets needed to start self-sustaining, biblically faithful churches that reach city dwellers. We also train other pastoral, cultural, and marketplace leaders to develop skills and resources for the good of their cities.


Books and Online

We work with Tim Keller and others to develop books, studies, and online campaigns that address the questions of the city with the gospel. These resources reach tens of thousands of leaders who seek to live faithfully and minister effectively in the 21st century.